Do It Yourself!

Tensegrities are cool and mystifying. Until now, they have been hard to make, but the tricky problem of attaching all of those tendons to those struts has finally been solved. After many years of tinkering, I have created the Continuous Tension Network. All you need to do is insert the struts into the color coded CTN and gently screw it together.

So, have you ever wanted to make and assemble an aesthetically pleasing tensegrity structure? If so, these kits are made for you. The aluminum and monofilament structural elements are lightweight and strong: the struts are Easton 9075 T - 9 annodized aluminum, each fitted with 8 - 32 threaded inserts, the Continuous Tension Nexus is made of 90lb Jinkai nylon monofilament line that is attached to nylon washers, and the fasteners are 8 - 32 threaded nylon machine screws.

All aluminum Kits are available in Blue, Gold, Red and Silver three color combinations. The color coded tension harness and struts make assembly straight forward and very easy.All Kits are available in three color combinations. Choose three of these four colors: Blue, Gold, Red, and Silver. The matched color-coded tension harness (CTN), washers and struts make assembly straight-forward.

All Kits come with easy to follow instructions, the proper size screwdriver and spare parts. Each is hand made. These are quality structures that offer a lifetime of appreciation to the discerning individual. The finished product, either standing or hanging, will enhance any desk or room. The structures can be assembled and disassembled many times.